czwartek, 28 maja 2015

vPaint 4: Day Five

History & UI

This is one of the biggest changes in vPaint since I started rewriting the code. Now the app natively supports multi-file editing and history for each of files.

środa, 27 maja 2015

vPaint 4 - Day Four

Text Objects

Nothing fancy here. All text layers are editable and customizable after creation. Now I'm moving to the user interface.

wtorek, 26 maja 2015

vPaint 4: Day Three

Live Effects

Day 3 - I've added new type of layers (now called Objects) - Live Effects. Similar to Smart Filters in Photoshop, Live Effects are not permanently applied to a layer. You can change their properties even AFTER applying them, without creating the layers underneath them again.

poniedziałek, 25 maja 2015

niedziela, 24 maja 2015

vPaint 4: Day One

UI Basic Design

This is vPaint 4 after first day of writing its new code.

What do we have:
  • 2 different UDFs just for button rendering
  • Basic code for layers, paths
  • No image editing at all
  • Riddicoulus number of lines: 1582
So, this is the first screenshot of rewritten vPaint, there's still hope it'll work better than 3.8